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The Five Guys

Some differences,
push them away
Some instances,
bring them together.

DSC_0340-2.jpgThe conflicts of the universe.
The waves of the future.
The ripples in the sea.
The togetherness of the nature.

Some rise and shift to shine
The rubbles of the river bed.
Some thrash and collide
To spark the ruby red.

The sounds of silence
Pushes the drops of life.
To rejuvenate the souls
That tributes nature’s hive.



The Photographer

“One, Two, Three!”

Within you and within me,
the hunger is to be free.

Waiting still for the light to come,
to free us, to free some.

A search of freedom,
and the search of light
is in the place called in-finite.

Rounds and smaller bounds,
sucked down in the hole, we go
like the screech of a crow.
Rushing on bumps and cracks,
my eyes haven’t forgotten to cry,
but I forgot to fly high, up in the sky.

Floating quietly, with one beat,
and yet another shrink to meet.

I open my eyes, elsewhere I look
to understand the mighty grand cook.

“One, Two, Three!”