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Mass Death


On the left, I store everything foolish
And on the right, my air bag has no life.
Is it me or my stupid insensible brain?
A path inclines and the other slopes down.

Foolishly strange, it has been for me
And wisest of animals they call me.
The biggest illusion is rising to divert
And still the fools like me believe.

Killing the air, I make way for death
And everyone seems happy for it. Soon
I will hide under the reflection of horizon
And even god can’t force me to breathe.

‘Does your brain work?’ asks the saint.
“Yes, a little more than before!” – my voice.
Fact- I don’t use it for you anymore,
A little had been more than enough.

Harder and harder it has been for me
To climb the steep mountain with thorns
Worry about the result, who does?
Let’s move down!

A sudden fall, near to death.
And the brain works on me again.
“Only the mass death there is on this hill.
Searching for life is more than a kill.”




Even Teiresias could not figure,
the cries and complexity of such.
For seven or more, day and night,
Amazed and puzzled under the robe.
Removal of the omen, and yet cursed
by his own sensual, made blind yet again.

Tell me! Oh! I surely beg and plea.
Throw all your voices at me and I
shall embrace your true veiled face.
The virtuous and pure virgin visions,
that has been condemned inside such.
An illuded hope, such wraith will reveal.
The certainty has never astonished my conscience,
never challenged my confines of morality and faith.
A wrangle deep and a quest of such enigma has
Crippled me inside, filling me with but light.
Deceive, delude and diverge, if was facile,
Enslaved bliss and euphoria, I would have.

The fusion of our daily fierce and serenity,
has started emitting these fiery fire, burning
me and you more and more, rupturing our flesh.
Let this vehemence melt frozen paintings of such,
engraved inside this dubious–dusky heart,
and be unconstrained, unconcealed and unburdened.

This inadequate life, stealing bits from my clock,
gives me intolerable and complete desolation.
A map and one of many paths orbiting to join
me and the grail, for once and for eternity.
And I am here, comprehending the enigma of life.
Unsatisfied and restless, all alone. Victorious?

-Nakul Regmi

*Teiresias- a blind prophet of Thebes

What changed?

Is it foolishness to search for a place where everything coincides? To search for a place where all our lives rests linear in that place; To search for a get away from this world, where truth gets no audience in its grand premier. Not once , not twice but never. Is it foolishness to search for a place where every particle makes sense and defines its purpose for its existence? Closing my eyes and imagining the world I want, would just build few laser lights in my mind but the reality is lost once I dare open my eyes. Is it foolishness to search for a place where we can see the world we want with our eyes open? A place where violence, hurt, arrogance, attitude, pain and much other negative elements have no meaning and are never heard of. A place where heaven and hell are not defined and silence is the only teacher. Can I make my own place as such? Can my Earth be like this? Am I asking too much from this place or was it supposed to be this way? Was it this way before? What changed?Image