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The Five Guys

Some differences,
push them away
Some instances,
bring them together.

DSC_0340-2.jpgThe conflicts of the universe.
The waves of the future.
The ripples in the sea.
The togetherness of the nature.

Some rise and shift to shine
The rubbles of the river bed.
Some thrash and collide
To spark the ruby red.

The sounds of silence
Pushes the drops of life.
To rejuvenate the souls
That tributes nature’s hive.


Yellow Spots

The one who cares
Even when an ant bites.
The one who shares
Through all the hardest nights.

The ultimate compassion
She holds and teaches the same.
Decisions tough, sacrifices made,
Holding her child; the only fame.


Yellow Spots

The warmth of her wings
Flows through my veins.
The sight of her world remains
My most precious gain.

Ah! Such love to feel
In every bite of her meal.
“Always in my heart, you are.”
Only the truth to hear.

Day and night you work
To feed, to care, to shelter.
Appreciating you today,
Happy Mothers Day!

– Nakul