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My Soul

Since childhood, I have seen
the knowledge of the sprits
in great souls.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Not forced, or coaxed
with buttery illusions
or with money and grams.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Morality and responsibility
have been easy so far,
but the mystery of life remains.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Searching the pathway beyond the horizon
when life is so simple right here
all along; all my faked life.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Talks from my mom, and my father
discussing all years for truth and life.
Now I realize that-
“I haven’t learnt it all yet.”

Patiently waiting for the right time.



Flash of Light

I will live in fear.
Nowhere shall I be spared.
With all this void amidst,
My light needs another flare.

A flash of this heavy light
Seems to pass so slow.
Even with my eyes closed
Pictures seem to brightly glow.

Living the entire life in control,
A ruthless life we die.
A blank mind and a boom,
Everything in-between lie lies.

A flash of this heavy light
Seems to pass so slow.
Creating a shadow in the middle
Of the death and the flow.

Waiting for this fragile bubble
to break into small dust pieces.
Petals of the roses they perceive,
and adhere painful thorn kisses.

A flash of this heavy light
Seems to pass so slow.
Waiting to disappear from their eyes
With the knowledge, I know.

Sacrifices of thousands, I see
The light of these fireflies sucked.
Faded and washed faces,
Poor souls getting fucked.

Millions of movies playing,
But one constant sound from this vibe.
In this land, a will to survive is
the only little hook, keeping me alive

A flash of this heavy light
Seems to pass so slow.
Even with my eyes closed
Pictures seem to brightly glow.


A Love Story

The breeze runs by along with you
Bringing the sweetest of smell
Of the rose and the jasmine petals,
Spreading and empowering this dale.

We met, and met again
Sometimes with invented reason,
and sometimes without them, yet
Mysteries held, fusion or fission?

Alone you and I were, and we stood
Together to show what love is,
Blends and collisions of breath and skin,
Eyes synchronized, silence and peace.

Both robbed hearts and connected
Every choice, every dream and the wish
To constantly make the memories, turning
Present into past and future, this warm kiss.

Few years passed, and our lives on the edge,
Pacing fast like a dubious jet train
With the rails swirling down the whirl
Of sadness; darting words and heavy rain.

A lot to learn, start from today,
Tear our minds and let it grow in a sphere,
As motion controls the time, waste it may be,
Lets nurture this love and start to care.

The truth and faith always lies in the heart
Yet, the battle with illusions obscure,
Victory of deaf ears why let it be?
Level the fears and sit here with me

Lighting those candles, reviving the colors,
This halo of rainbow surrounds me and you
Time flies may be, and memories disappear, but
Never growing old, our love story is always new.

– Nakul Regmi

“Thank you for listening to Jason Marz, Keith Urban, John Legend and Justin Timberlake. Also, thank you for reading my words in between the videos.”

The Photographer

“One, Two, Three!”

Within you and within me,
the hunger is to be free.

Waiting still for the light to come,
to free us, to free some.

A search of freedom,
and the search of light
is in the place called in-finite.

Rounds and smaller bounds,
sucked down in the hole, we go
like the screech of a crow.
Rushing on bumps and cracks,
my eyes haven’t forgotten to cry,
but I forgot to fly high, up in the sky.

Floating quietly, with one beat,
and yet another shrink to meet.

I open my eyes, elsewhere I look
to understand the mighty grand cook.

“One, Two, Three!”