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My Soul

Since childhood, I have seen
the knowledge of the sprits
in great souls.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Not forced, or coaxed
with buttery illusions
or with money and grams.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Morality and responsibility
have been easy so far,
but the mystery of life remains.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Searching the pathway beyond the horizon
when life is so simple right here
all along; all my faked life.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Talks from my mom, and my father
discussing all years for truth and life.
Now I realize that-
“I haven’t learnt it all yet.”

Patiently waiting for the right time.



Mass Death


On the left, I store everything foolish
And on the right, my air bag has no life.
Is it me or my stupid insensible brain?
A path inclines and the other slopes down.

Foolishly strange, it has been for me
And wisest of animals they call me.
The biggest illusion is rising to divert
And still the fools like me believe.

Killing the air, I make way for death
And everyone seems happy for it. Soon
I will hide under the reflection of horizon
And even god can’t force me to breathe.

‘Does your brain work?’ asks the saint.
“Yes, a little more than before!” – my voice.
Fact- I don’t use it for you anymore,
A little had been more than enough.

Harder and harder it has been for me
To climb the steep mountain with thorns
Worry about the result, who does?
Let’s move down!

A sudden fall, near to death.
And the brain works on me again.
“Only the mass death there is on this hill.
Searching for life is more than a kill.”