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What changed?

Is it foolishness to search for a place where everything coincides? To search for a place where all our lives rests linear in that place; To search for a get away from this world, where truth gets no audience in its grand premier. Not once , not twice but never. Is it foolishness to search for a place where every particle makes sense and defines its purpose for its existence? Closing my eyes and imagining the world I want, would just build few laser lights in my mind but the reality is lost once I dare open my eyes. Is it foolishness to search for a place where we can see the world we want with our eyes open? A place where violence, hurt, arrogance, attitude, pain and much other negative elements have no meaning and are never heard of. A place where heaven and hell are not defined and silence is the only teacher. Can I make my own place as such? Can my Earth be like this? Am I asking too much from this place or was it supposed to be this way? Was it this way before? What changed?Image