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He is not No-Body!


Lungs with black and yellow.
Heart racing rapidly to fail.
Liver stopping to heal itself.
And my head completely numb.

The dread and black city,
had almost covered me,
with the slippery tongue
and a hydrophobic body.

Intently and slowly killing me
from the inside and outside
with bits and small pieces
while I was trying to survive.

Attracting me with beautiful colors,
and the smell I can never forget,
I ran, ran harder, I did.
To fail myself yet again.

A fool I was and I realize today.
Addiction, not with food,
it was with the brain I see.
And my heart was failing.

And now I have begun
to care for my one friend
that never leaves until the end.
You are no No-Body.

Apologies, for almost killing you.




A heavy mass collides
inside my fragile head.
Just like the force
of a bullet hitting the other.

A long time it had been,
for the capture of god in me.
Today, the Christ inside my heart
was nailed again on the cross.

Letting the lead sky cover my soul
for a change; an irreversible change.
Letting the inner animal rise
for the raze of human kind.


Rapacity of the priests to be
the lord of the dark water.
Calling the name of devil,
he pours the dark water.

In it goes, inside my veins.
turning all my red into black.
And for me, now and onwards,
my god has no existence.

Now, I have lost my mind and
I shout out filth in the viscous air.
The hallows are empty
and thirsty for more blood.

“May the dark blood rise
For the roar of the hallows.”

The world is in disorder.
Everyone is razed.
The future, unpredictable.


The Photographer

“One, Two, Three!”

Within you and within me,
the hunger is to be free.

Waiting still for the light to come,
to free us, to free some.

A search of freedom,
and the search of light
is in the place called in-finite.

Rounds and smaller bounds,
sucked down in the hole, we go
like the screech of a crow.
Rushing on bumps and cracks,
my eyes haven’t forgotten to cry,
but I forgot to fly high, up in the sky.

Floating quietly, with one beat,
and yet another shrink to meet.

I open my eyes, elsewhere I look
to understand the mighty grand cook.

“One, Two, Three!”


What changed?

Is it foolishness to search for a place where everything coincides? To search for a place where all our lives rests linear in that place; To search for a get away from this world, where truth gets no audience in its grand premier. Not once , not twice but never. Is it foolishness to search for a place where every particle makes sense and defines its purpose for its existence? Closing my eyes and imagining the world I want, would just build few laser lights in my mind but the reality is lost once I dare open my eyes. Is it foolishness to search for a place where we can see the world we want with our eyes open? A place where violence, hurt, arrogance, attitude, pain and much other negative elements have no meaning and are never heard of. A place where heaven and hell are not defined and silence is the only teacher. Can I make my own place as such? Can my Earth be like this? Am I asking too much from this place or was it supposed to be this way? Was it this way before? What changed?Image