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The Breaking


My aurora cascades slowly on the ground.
Lips transmogrified; curve brutally lined.
Heart pains; something pinched hard.
The colorful rainbow waned, I found.

Someone killed my dreams 24 hours in South.
Murdered it! Slayed it! Blooded it!
We met, talked, wrangled, cried and broke.
Fists, kicks useless; silence was enough.

Everything emptied away against my choice.
Troubled. Tortured. Tormented.
“Stop! Please! I beg!” – words with water.
Victory of Deaf ears; Defeat of this voice.

The night got its way; the yellow is on.
Raindrops heavy; the sky is gloomy.
The walls revert my own sound of pain.
Bleeding vein. Closing Eyes. Faint smile.
For this life I am done.



Mass Death


On the left, I store everything foolish
And on the right, my air bag has no life.
Is it me or my stupid insensible brain?
A path inclines and the other slopes down.

Foolishly strange, it has been for me
And wisest of animals they call me.
The biggest illusion is rising to divert
And still the fools like me believe.

Killing the air, I make way for death
And everyone seems happy for it. Soon
I will hide under the reflection of horizon
And even god can’t force me to breathe.

‘Does your brain work?’ asks the saint.
“Yes, a little more than before!” – my voice.
Fact- I don’t use it for you anymore,
A little had been more than enough.

Harder and harder it has been for me
To climb the steep mountain with thorns
Worry about the result, who does?
Let’s move down!

A sudden fall, near to death.
And the brain works on me again.
“Only the mass death there is on this hill.
Searching for life is more than a kill.”


He is not No-Body!


Lungs with black and yellow.
Heart racing rapidly to fail.
Liver stopping to heal itself.
And my head completely numb.

The dread and black city,
had almost covered me,
with the slippery tongue
and a hydrophobic body.

Intently and slowly killing me
from the inside and outside
with bits and small pieces
while I was trying to survive.

Attracting me with beautiful colors,
and the smell I can never forget,
I ran, ran harder, I did.
To fail myself yet again.

A fool I was and I realize today.
Addiction, not with food,
it was with the brain I see.
And my heart was failing.

And now I have begun
to care for my one friend
that never leaves until the end.
You are no No-Body.

Apologies, for almost killing you.


The Silent Night

I turn my head up
in this comely breezy night.
A heard of clouds slowly drifting
towards their destination.

This puff of air touches my face
with utter tenderness.
And along moves this heard
through the spherical road way.

Not for a second they stop,
and all I hear is the stillness of a lake,
or this silence of the night.
All floating with a never ending symphony.

Where did they come from?
What secrets do they hold?
Where do they end?
Nobody knows.

No Nostradamus can foresee
but, can only predict.
The ultimate ravage they bring,
Or the message of peace.


The journey stops, and begins again.
Change in state, form is the same.
Such a miracle of life, explained
year after year, day after day.

Look at this beauty and feel
this magnetic force of nature.
Heaven don’t have to be
after death, I see.

Just look up the sky and realize,
the protection from the darkness beyond.
Such elegance that can only be seen
But cannot be heard!

I slowly turn my head up again,
in this silent night.