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Life of a Petal.

Look at the petals of the flower and their drive
and momentary shifts to make themselves
different and unique than the other petals.
The petals of the flower grow and flow.

The life of a petal.

Life of a petal.

Listen to the petals of the flower and their stories
that are so different and yet surprisingly beautiful;
that puts yet another twist to the stories untold.
The Petals of the flower cook and book.

Touch the petals of the flower and their beauty
that glorifies the animate or the inanimate
with absolute selflessness and rare love.
The petals of the flower curve and serve.

Sense the petals of the flower and their waves
of harmony with an unbreakable connection
where to protect the little, the elders wither.
The petals of the flower die and scarify.



perspective |pərˈspektiv|

noun | the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point ; a view or prospect.

Quote | “It’s another day. It’s another beautiful day! Life is a matter of perspective. No matter what the weather, no matter what the situation we are in, if we have the right perspective in life, life will always be beautiful!”
– Joel Randymar

What changed?

Is it foolishness to search for a place where everything coincides? To search for a place where all our lives rests linear in that place; To search for a get away from this world, where truth gets no audience in its grand premier. Not once , not twice but never. Is it foolishness to search for a place where every particle makes sense and defines its purpose for its existence? Closing my eyes and imagining the world I want, would just build few laser lights in my mind but the reality is lost once I dare open my eyes. Is it foolishness to search for a place where we can see the world we want with our eyes open? A place where violence, hurt, arrogance, attitude, pain and much other negative elements have no meaning and are never heard of. A place where heaven and hell are not defined and silence is the only teacher. Can I make my own place as such? Can my Earth be like this? Am I asking too much from this place or was it supposed to be this way? Was it this way before? What changed?Image