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The Camouflage

Some say the branches
lifted, ran and flew.
Some say the nakedness
runs wild here for new.

Some say the eyes
are to blame the fall
But few know,
The colors give it all.

The Camouflage.


How to thrive in a world where change is constant

TechSweeps: Thriving in a world of constant change.

On a trip to the Bahamas in 2012, I got the chance to feed a group of grey reef sharks. Now, feeding sharks is not an activity to be taken lightly. It’s a complex challenge that essentially requires you to coordinate a group of wild animals; you want them excited enough that they stick around. But you can’t just dump lots of food in the water, because that will whip them into a frenzy, with potentially disastrous consequences.

You spend a lot of time training for a dive like this. And the most important thing is for all of that training to be second nature. If you’re present and aware in the moment, the action just happens intuitively. The sharks, in all honesty, feel almost like dogs. They have personalities — you see which ones are a little bit more aggressive and which ones have a personality that borders on…

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My Soul

Since childhood, I have seen
the knowledge of the sprits
in great souls.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Not forced, or coaxed
with buttery illusions
or with money and grams.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Morality and responsibility
have been easy so far,
but the mystery of life remains.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Searching the pathway beyond the horizon
when life is so simple right here
all along; all my faked life.
And yet I haven’t learnt.

Talks from my mom, and my father
discussing all years for truth and life.
Now I realize that-
“I haven’t learnt it all yet.”

Patiently waiting for the right time.


Oh! So Safe…

Artist: Deerheart
Lyrics: Deerheart

Walking down the street
I hear your voice.
It’s calling me.
Its hunting me.

Well, did you really think
you didn’t have a choice
to come with me?
Take a chance with me?


You live your life
Oh! so safe.
Only so many worlds
can fit in all the spaces.

What kind of life have you made?
Are you caught in a whirlwind?
Will you turn around and face it?
So I hear I really made you think;

If what you have , is what you need.
Your situation, no, I don’t envy.
Just do it on your own
and let me be.


But it’s happy is what you are.
Well, you don’t need me.
No, you don’t need me.
And I have a feeling
you ‘re wishing on a stars
for me!

Yeah for me.


All the rights are reserved with Deerheart. I just love this song that is why I am sharing this lyrics. Listen it on Spotify if you can. 🙂  

Perfection: Level Beyond

I woke up today with the same question in my mind- “How can I be perfect?”. An old magazine that rested upon my study table was there for my rescue. Looking at the mirror, I memorized all the steps to be perfect. Apparently, waking up at 5 in the morning, taking a shower, finishing a glass of milk and walking away from my mother’s calm and embracing hands were not enough to make myself perfect. I am pretty sure my parents were more than happy along these days. I sometimes suspect, if they were the ones who planted that magazine on my table. However, my mind was constantly wondering and painfully realizing how the cells in my body were exponentially multiplying without the essence of perfection.

Every day, I would return from school and start doing my assignments. Interestingly, this was the first time I noticed that I had this huge dictionary. What crossed my mind is I never cared enough to look at the meaning of the word ‘perfection’. Has your old dictionary made your jaws open? Mine did! The meaning was- “the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects”. I was so far away from the meaning. Disappointed and angry, I went under denial. I thought the dictionary was just making the word sound more dramatic than it really was. So, books came along in my life.


I started reading philosophies and ways to achieve perfection. None of the books acted on my favor, rather these books made my simple question more complex. To make it worse, the books pushed me in different directions for the target I was hunting for.

Was I to seek sanctuary under religion? But, reading about the violence created because of religion was good enough reason to throw it out of my ‘Perfection List’. Was getting an education better? But, the very element of physics told me that the output from a machine can never be equal to the input given to the machine. Was it the new technology of computers then? But, they crash, give you wrong output and for everything there’s a new version. How can these things teach me how to be perfect if they are not perfect themselves. This perception of learning from the best element gave me yet another question – “Who is perfect in this world?”. My very first guess was the lord who made us. But, isn’t he the nasty cook of all those disabled children? Is the mother nature perfect? Is the political, economic or social system of the top countries in this world perfect? I found nothing but disappointments. This made me realize that I was trying to achieve something that is impossible. Waking up early in the morning, and constantly asking- “What can I do to make myself perfect?” was all waste of time. Was I to go through all the universe to find this element of perfection? It dazzled me for days.

And then I figured out that an element of perfection always existed through my entire life. From my embryonic stage until today. The element: TIME! It had, has and will have the perfect pace. It is always punctual. There are no flaws and no defects. It occurs in everybody’s life in this planet as well as others’. Throughout the universe, we share the same single element-TIME at the same (interestingly) time. Nothing can stop it. No external force can limit its quality. No one can control its flow.  It is indestructible, accurate with perfect precision and independent of all materials.

After comprehending this mystic puzzle, I moved back to my original question- “How can I be perfect?”. The answer is none of us can be perfect. The only perfect element I could find is time and walking along the direction of time is impossible. When people tell me and constantly remind me how perfect they are, it makes me laugh for a second. As William Faulkner said- “All of us failed to match our dreams of perfection. So I rate us on the basis of our splendid failure to do the impossible.” Changes make things easier. I started by changing my original question to – “How can I try to get perfection in my life?” and living along those lines has changed my perspective so much and I wondered how much easier it would have been, if only, I asked the right questions. But, “would it have been exciting?” is yet another story to tell.

(Ideas from Rachana Pathak)

The Only Truth – The Past

For me, future has always doomed my eyes. The more I wanted to spray the artificial rose fragrance into it, the more nasty it smelled. The urge of this infinite thirst and need, piling up on me like the procrastinator’s list of ‘Things to do’, has shown me that it is not the way to find the truth about what humanity holds. The tree starts with a seed and grows into different branches and then leaves appear. After that, the beautiful flowers and fruits paint the green canvas into Dali’s ‘Persistence of Memory’, Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, and Monet’s ‘Nimphee’. And then everything repeats.

With a faint hope in the future, I started defining that present is what it takes for a life to accelerate. I started to train it and discipline it to catch the moving trend of all human beings. But, the more I try to hold on to it, the faster it was sliding off of my hands. Just like sand. And all this just pushed me towards the past to decelerate more. The rush of all living beings was too much for me to handle and I started to run low on spiritual energy from my own race.

Like a rock sliding down the hill from the top of the mountain, colliding with several other pointed, strong and sturdy stones, I also wished to stop against the pull of gravity and remain at rest before the motion created more unwanted friction. But again, there is this one single motion of the universe that always gets me. Until I levitate in the void, I shall always be moving either forward or backward. The direction still seems to be a mystery box so I still have to figure out which way is forward and which way is backward.


The rejection of change from different tribes all over the world makes me sad sometimes. It is almost like they are immune to the good vibe. Hundred years old wars are still in action. It seems like the gun barrels and our vocal cords never got their share of rest. I have been holding on to the ray of light like a passenger on a bus and patiently waiting for my turn to get off. I want to get off before the light eliminates itself with a heavy hit on something opaque in the way. That is inevitable. But, I wonder if this want to keep breathing is our destiny or the choices that we make. The motion has always given me a nauseating feeling. Rest has always helped me heal my wounds in the past, present and future. It is interesting how rest has survived in all forms of time, just like piles of photographs for every moment of time and yet everything sits on a jet plane trying to move fast from time in time towards time. I don’t know what is the rush about when you don’t know what is the direction you are heading?

Homo sapiens have neither satisfied their culture’s intelligence, nor they have cared to be in a level together with the wild animals. They love to live in their own pseudo world that they have created blocking all the access from the outside. Now tell me, if there is a war going on right outside your house, how safe do you feel inside your little 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom appartment? They are passively waiting but for what? I have no clue. They haven’t forgotten to increase their number though. For what? I have no clue. Interestingly, human beings take care of (murder) their own over populated mass and sometimes nature helps them to do that as well. Today, human beings are just a bunch of thunder storms in the inside and on the outside. I am waiting for them to be a silent lake. If two motions are equal but are in opposite direction and if they collide, they just trace their direction from where they came. So how could it be silent? I guess they have to move side by side so that the relative motion of the bodies or spirits are equal. At least they will be silent among themselves. Isn’t it?

Tracing what we know has always been a firm ground of what’s the next ground we have to step in. So look at the past and realize soon about your next step and ‘for what?’. I can only provide you with such vague questions that might thrust you to think for the answers. But always realize, it’s the questions that are important not the answers. Answers are mere reflection of your past or the bleak images of your past. If you want to answer, try to vision the entire humanity in it. Try to  scale entire world in it.

For some, sorry that I took your precious time away from you. For others, Thank you for your precious time.

Nakul Regmi

Right to go ‘Missing’

You have the right to go “Missing”. You are not breaking the law. To all the missing people who wanted to go missing- “Where ever you are, we are glad that you are there.”

I love this video because it makes you think. I love all the videos from channel vsauce in youtube. If you have time, subscribe him and watch all his videos. Have a blessed day- where ever you are. 🙂