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This page ‘abend360’ is a concept of life that I am trying to implement through out my posts.
abend’ is an unplanned program termination that
occurs when a computer is directed to execute or process an
instruction or information that it cannot recognize. ‘abend360’ is focused in the
improbability of life and the surroundings around us in the similar manner as in
computers. Also, ‘360’  gives ‘abend’ a meaning as the improbability of life in 360
degrees in all dimensions. It is more of a critical thinking page.

I am Nakul Regmi. Just like all the bloggers, I am here to spill my digital ink.

Talking about my page Poetry, I am just learning to write poetry. I love to
make connections between things which eventually brought me to writing poems. I love
writing to express something in my memory or sometimes to share my own personal
experiences. If you can then do help me find ways to the wonderland of poetry. I will
accept any suggestions you have for me. And also, Wall Photographs is my new page that is literally the view of my wall from my desk. They are quotes, words and my own poetry that I love the most. I hope you will like it. 

Everyone of us are different in countless ways. I guess it’s because of we have
different bundles of vision, sound and touch. But, the people living in different
worlds of reality might think it differently. So, from my page of Perspectives,
I am trying to gather the worlds together. I would love to learn this as well. So any
discussions will be appreciated. And I dearly hope you and I can learn things together.

Words and Quotes have played a great role in my life.

Words helps me love and learn vocabulary. Even after many
years, English language is  a sweaty grasp for me. I am trying to learn new
words. And along that process, I sometimes find beautiful words that I feel
like sharing with the world. These are the words that are already there in the
world and I wanted to share it with you all.

Quotes have always been a part of my life. I love how different people
in the world, have these beautiful thoughts about our Earth and so much
hope. They give me a different perspective, energy and sometimes they give
me my own taste of the spoon. It’s a great learning way for me. I love to
wonder about someone else’s words.

“Recently, I combined two of my pages- Word of the Day and Quotes
together to form a single page –Words and Quotes. Soon I will be coming up with more grounds to cover. “

Please visit other pages and enjoy. Comment if you like it.

Thank you! Namaste!

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