Old Friend in the Woods

“Oh!! I am lampooned again.”

I wish you were here, my friend
to laugh at my misery after seeing me
struggling with my choices of life.
Stories – the old pain in those memories.DSC_2558

The coin of good and bad,
the endurance of pain and gain,
the power of freedom and chains.
The entertainer of senses and illusions.

I wish to feel that comforting presence,
not just to go through this life
but to go in it everywhere and here.
In this world, nothing is suffice.

Beautiful stories that darkness knows
that everything survives this light
and it heals in mysterious ways.
A tiny ember, my words,for the way back.

Stories- the reflected light from the places
at the edge where dawn begins and
slowly flocks together with the breeze.
Here, I wonder the oddity of space.

“Oh!! I wish to be lampooned again by you
my dearest friend.”


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