Note: Please read in both directions. Enjoy!





Learning grows deep and flows in time.

Putting a larger block on the base and so

Blocks after blocks, forms this beautiful life.

May learning never saturate at any certain time.

Only then will we see the truths around and deep

When we stop and observe this beautiful of Eve-ry.

May be there is an Eiffel curve in our wishful minds,

Or, Shiva’s three lined symbol of grey lying horizontal.

Or, may be it is the Pyramids in the hot, dry desert sands.

May be the stupa on the bowl and the four eyes of wisdom,

Might be the impossibilities filled in the mind of the mad man.

Struggling the way up, sliding, crawling and shifting again and again.

One decides the fortune of everything lying around, and them, their own.

Some fortunate enough to think and others leav-ing to come back again to learn.

Th-inking! Rem-ember-ing and for-getting! And, th-inking again along with the stars

Radiating their own form of light in the colors of the Blue, Green, Neon ,Yellow and Red.

To combine again as one and be this glaring light to flow freely in its own time reviving human.

The objective remains the same in all, though seems like standing on a plane-t or on a sphere-ARC.



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