Power of Anger

Burns the inner core which is white-blue,
With the radiation so vibrant and strong.
It will melt the bones and the red glue,
In a moment of your thought and, flew
And flow with its own desolating song.


Catch the core and you will see it,
The lashes of flames so bright and red.
Hopes of different light would lit,
Marches towards vain and, gets lost
And vanishes in a vast rubble bed.

Encapsulate the core and you will feel it,
Disappear in the deepest cold dark cage.
Digs old pile of fears and amplify every bit,
Rejecting the beautiful memories and, stabs
And pleasantly serves a hot blade of rage.

Down on a shoulder, sits the oldest core
Looking at every face and painfully curves.
Wishing misery to end and open the door,
for light to pass into the heart, and dissolve
and filters the way what one deserves.

-Nakul Regmi


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