Oh! So Safe…

Artist: Deerheart
Lyrics: Deerheart

Walking down the street
I hear your voice.
It’s calling me.
Its hunting me.

Well, did you really think
you didn’t have a choice
to come with me?
Take a chance with me?


You live your life
Oh! so safe.
Only so many worlds
can fit in all the spaces.

What kind of life have you made?
Are you caught in a whirlwind?
Will you turn around and face it?
So I hear I really made you think;

If what you have , is what you need.
Your situation, no, I don’t envy.
Just do it on your own
and let me be.


But it’s happy is what you are.
Well, you don’t need me.
No, you don’t need me.
And I have a feeling
you ‘re wishing on a stars
for me!

Yeah for me.


All the rights are reserved with Deerheart. I just love this song that is why I am sharing this lyrics. Listen it on Spotify if you can. 🙂  


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