Below Average

This yellow, black striped insect
flies like a kite everyday.
And its threads connected
to the splash of the rainbow.

“Oh wait! there it is again.”

bee near flower

I am waving, jumping, shouting
pushing all my senses to extremity.
To hear its vibrant sound that whispers
the stories of its brilliant voyages.

“I am here. Don’t you not see me?”

It flies far and even further
from grasp of my poor visions.
And left alone again
with the thoughts and curiosity.

“May be, I should imitate the colors.”

Animated scriptures on the trees
teaching all beings and me.
To pour heaps of colors of others
and level the tonality of my flawed picture.

“Oh there it is again. Do you see me now?”

To emulate, copy and model
is all we have in this world of lies.
A true self is created once or twice,
services to teach a new lesson and dies.

“Should I really care if someone finds me or not?
No! I have to learn to find myself first.”

Nakul Regmi


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