The Breaking


My aurora cascades slowly on the ground.
Lips transmogrified; curve brutally lined.
Heart pains; something pinched hard.
The colorful rainbow waned, I found.

Someone killed my dreams 24 hours in South.
Murdered it! Slayed it! Blooded it!
We met, talked, wrangled, cried and broke.
Fists, kicks useless; silence was enough.

Everything emptied away against my choice.
Troubled. Tortured. Tormented.
“Stop! Please! I beg!” – words with water.
Victory of Deaf ears; Defeat of this voice.

The night got its way; the yellow is on.
Raindrops heavy; the sky is gloomy.
The walls revert my own sound of pain.
Bleeding vein. Closing Eyes. Faint smile.
For this life I am done.



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