He is not No-Body!


Lungs with black and yellow.
Heart racing rapidly to fail.
Liver stopping to heal itself.
And my head completely numb.

The dread and black city,
had almost covered me,
with the slippery tongue
and a hydrophobic body.

Intently and slowly killing me
from the inside and outside
with bits and small pieces
while I was trying to survive.

Attracting me with beautiful colors,
and the smell I can never forget,
I ran, ran harder, I did.
To fail myself yet again.

A fool I was and I realize today.
Addiction, not with food,
it was with the brain I see.
And my heart was failing.

And now I have begun
to care for my one friend
that never leaves until the end.
You are no No-Body.

Apologies, for almost killing you.



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