Poetry :

Complete the following sentences using poetry:

1. You would have ………………………

apologized life.

given so much and are little existed
for the forsaken life doesn’t hold
for its meaning and essence.

taught us so much and are few comprehended
for the mind is always rushing
for its more entertainment and lust.


dreamt of so much and are simply nullified
for the heart has stopped thinking
for its beats are all shaken up.

written so many poetries and are all lost
for the memory is all clouded
for its too concerned with now.

sang beautiful notes and are all noise
for the  ears repel the magnificient beauty
for its new interest in loans.

fed the most delicious and are poorly tasted
for the tongue functions have changed
for its roots are turning black.

waited so much and are few pulses
for the soul took so much time
for its life was ‘beautiful’ in the bowl.

-Nakul Regmi

2. I would become ………………………

Thank you for your apologies to life.
I hope you will not disappoint it anymore.

-Nakul Regmi


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