The Joke of Life

Completion of the game of dots,
One after the other,
Moving towards the edge
holding fear, victory or uncertainty
in the eyes, on the mind.
Forgetting the nectar of life.

Arguing the lines of faith and truth.
Are they the puppets of flesh and bones?
Or the simulation of the waves of confusions?
Who is right and who is wrong?
The question on the question itself.
Ask-“What is right and what is wrong?”
Let the host calm its senses.
For once at least, it is time now.


Hurting the eyes, the light passes
Within their veins to reveal and unroll,
The beginning of the brutal pain of life
And then the comprehension of existence.
But still wondering thyself’s survival!
What is that you learnt?

Think of how you twist your tongue,
to produce these sounds
you call languages.
The one sound coming off your vocal cords,
now divided as languages you say.
Differences you see and unity you forget.
I laugh! Laugh at you.
Because the joke is not on me.
The joke itself is you!



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