A Bona Fide Feeling

Life seemed like broken clouds in the wide sky
And life is so beautiful with butterflies
Covering the skies with its colorful wings
Dropping the beautiful song, everyone sings.


Obsessed with my eyes which showed me
Cries, agony and noise; beauty now I see
Through the same eyes, I see myself emerged
Into the grasses, gently dancing and waved.

Found nothing till now, and the search is over
Not given up for sure, but feelings extremely sober.
Hatred, anger and rage enough till now shown.
Just a little blessing hand and everything is gone.

I was running after a shadow to crush it with my feet
Such a fool; the living sun was rising in the east.
Now it’s a beautiful day, and a wonderful night to come
The night may be abysmal not for me but for some.

I am away from those noisy clashes in the dark nights
Those fierce words sound and dying fights
The broken walls had few pictures and are empty now.
Serenity and consciousness comes ahead and asks ‘How?’

It is not important now my friends. I am ready to go.
To tell the sad world, lips inverted and smile to show.’
In this beautiful world, they come in and someday leave.
Smile, a gratitude; don’t cave them. Let them go, just believe.



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